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Dear Hillary, come to my life

Dear Hillary,
Enter in my life, enter now
Save Me now, Open a new future and in him leave me to enter.

Good day, Very much taste, I am Juan, We have breakfast together?
you are not a girl more.
After 35 years fighting already you are special someone.
Very special.

Without touching me, only speaking. Something to me inside it ignited.
In your eyes it shines the evening and you forget the time.

These days i'm spy you , taught me that truth
There is no time to begin to express.
I feel something so deep that it has no explanation,
There is no reason or logic in my heart.

Come to my life, come to my garden,
It is in your hands, desert nights,
For mine, forget
You start to wonder, however, start necesitarte in my dream.

Good evening, I not longer have shock
There is no longer fear most.
After all this struggle,
No black past, only will.
If you talk to me, I give you my life,
Only that you can give
Maybe, I return your breakfast
To tell you that you are master of my illusion
And you tell at the world: I want Equality.

I still hope my Being
A beautiful dream to rediscover.
And the warmth of a family not wasting ever
To return with your confidence
Your strength, courage and experience
That only women like you will show.

Dear Hillary, I'm opening the door.
It is in your hands and there will be no nights deserted.
It comes into my life, I ask you what.
While we have time and you start to wonder,
But then I'll started to need you.

It comes into my life, Save me now,
Open a new future and he let me go.

It comes into my life, Save me now,
Open a new future and he let me go.

Author Juan Carlos Grajales Gómez

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